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Seven Things Every True Gentleman Needs

As a man grows older, he sheds his boyish tendencies. Juvenile fashion senses, a bachelor mindset, and habits formed in college have no place in a refined gentleman’s life. There are enough lists online talking about skills and mannerisms that a man should have. However, they miss out on what his house and belongings should […]

Why You Should Have A Proper Work Desk

Human beings, as a species, have always actively engaged with our environments. Our mood and temperament reflects on our surroundings, lifting when we surround ourselves with vibrancy and sinking when the world around us turns drab. As our productivity often stems from our mental state, work space aesthetics take on a greater importance as not […]

What Kind of Leather Chair Would Suit Your Home?

Whether you want a cosy spot to enjoy a good book, or if you’re after a statement furniture piece, a striking leather chair is your best bet. That is because upholstered leather chairs provide the most important thing any chair needs –  comfort. While style matters, and any accent furniture piece needs to fit with […]

Leather Tanning – India’s Varied Leather Centres

The Indian Leather industry has a huge domestic market and also great potential for exports. The export market for leather and leather products have increased over the past decades and touched to around US$ 5.91 billion during 2013-14, recording a growth rate of about 14.77% in 5 years. Let’s take a detailed look at the […]

Rugged Leather Bags – It’s Not The Years Honey, It’s The Mileage

All products made from natural leathers, like  bags and accessories, will age with time. This doesn’t detract from their beauty, but rather adds to it. A well looked after and aged leather bag is just beautiful as a new one, if not even more so. Just like worn jeans and scuffed boots, a bag that […]